Doctors Just Cured Someone’s Breast Cancer

Doctors have effectively cured a woman’s advanced breast cancer, and they’re blazing a path into more advanced treatment theories.

By on June 5, 2018
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

This is a cool story! Doctors have just “eradicated” a woman’s breast cancer. It was done in an experimental procedure that used her own immune system to fight the cancer.

Her breast cancer was very advanced, and was spreading all over her entire body. It was late-stage, and marks the first time anyone with late-stage breast cancer was treated successfully. The therapy that doctors used relies on the body’s own immune system to battle the cancer. The woman, named Judy, was just 49 when she was picked for the treatment. She had already been through a few rounds of chemotherapy, which seemed to have no effect on the tumor. She was given three years to live at that age.

The treatment has been going on for a few years now as well. When the treatment began, she had basically given up trying to fight. She says that she was in a lot of pain all the time. “My condition deteriorated a lot towards the end, and I had a tumour pressing on a nerve, which meant I spent my time trying not to move at all to avoid pain shooting down my arm. I had given up fighting,” she said. Doctors that were treating her say that she’s now cancer-free, and has been for two years. “After the treatment dissolved most of my tumours, I was able to go for a 40-mile hike,” she added.

So what does this mean? This treatment will lay the path to future research and new advances in treatment. Doctors are also hopeful that the same treatment will work on other forms of cancer. Researchers are already planning on more experimental trials, considering the “dramatic success” of this treatment with Judy. However, it will take a lot of research, since the treatment was sort of made specifically for Judy. But the fact is that they found out what they needed to do, and it worked. This is a huge, massive, monumental advance in cancer treatment, and it can only be better from here. Check out a lot more info and details here.

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