"The Child" (Shop Disney)

Disney Releases “Baby Yoda” Toy!

There’s a catch…of course.

The internet blew up when that cute little character called The Child appeared on The Mandalorian, a new series exclusively on Disney +. The internet immediately dubbed the character “Baby Yoda”…and it’s not hard to see why.

But, Disney generally doesn’t roll out toys quickly for new characters on the small screen. In fact, Disney doesn’t really move that quickly on anything.

So when the internet began clamoring for Baby Yoda toys… Disney responded with silence.

That is until today!

If you want a “The Child” toy (pictured above) from Disney, you’ll have to pre-order it.

ShopDisney.com says, “He may look like a ”Baby Yoda,” but he’s actually called the Child, and he is the most adorable new character from here to the Outer Rim. Now fans can add the pint-sized galactic sensation to their Star Wars: The Black Series action figure collections!”

You can pre-order here. 

The only catch, this toy won’t ship until May! 🙁 


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