How This Delivery Man Became This Six Year Old’s Hero

Brandon wanted to build a cardboard box fort after his family got a new fridge, but when it didn’t come with a box, the delivery driver really saved the day.

By on June 22, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

There’s something so simple about being 6 years old. Everything is exciting, the world is so big, and all you want is a cardboard box fort.

So this family was buying a new refrigerator. For whatever reason – theirs died, or they wanted a bigger one, more features, whatever the case. Anyway, what do refrigerators come in? Gigantic cardboard boxes! For a couple weeks, the boy, Brandon, waited patiently for his giant box. You know he had to have been planning his fort, probably drawing his “blueprints” and everything. Finally, delivery day arrived.

I can only imagine Brandon’s excitement about the soon-to-be incoming box-fort. That’s when he saw the delivery truck arrive in front of the house. The driver jumped out of the truck to a probably-impatiently waiting 6-year-old. He rolled up the cargo door, and started loading the new fridge onto a hand truck. But what’s this – no box? Brandon was devastated. Brandon’s mother told the driver about his plans to build a fort with the box, and that’s when the driver decided to do something very special. He went back to the warehouse with the truck, found a giant fridge box, and brought it back to Brandon.

Hats off to you, Mr. Unnamed Lowes Delivery Driver. You win the “awesome person of the week” award. We sincerely hope you didn’t get in any sort of trouble for going out of the way to deliver the box. We can’t imaging anyone in management being mad after hearing this story though. See a little more on the story here.

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