Deer Enters High School Football Game, Helps Score Touchdown

By DAVID on October 3, 2018

When I first saw the video, I assumed the refs were going to make some kind of a call. Nope, the show must go on I guess, right? As one of the players was about to start running down field, he was joined by an imposter. A deer, which burst onto the field, ran an impressive time into the other end zone.

It’s kickoff, and the football gets sent down field thanks to Kings High’s kicker. A player from Coupeville High (Sean) gets the ball, and starts running to his own end zone. But just before that run starts, you can see a deer zip by the frame. It enters from Kings’ end zone right under the uprights, and runs all the way down the field into Coupeville’s zone. The deer obviously distracts some of the players, but Sean make his run with the ball all 95 yards. The deer may not have been a six-pointer, but that run sure was. Here’s the video:

I’d like to say I’ve seen stranger, but I really haven’t. I mean, a dog running on the field to play is cute and all, but a deer?

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