Dealership Surprises Las Vegas Hero With A Truck


By Doug Lazy on October 12, 2017
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

This is just awesome. We’ve heard so many incredible stories of courage and bravery during the shooting in Las Vegas and that included Veteran Marine Taylor Winston. Amid the chaos, Winston loaded injured people into the bed of a truck and sped to a nearby medical center, before ambulances arrived. But, he didn’t stop there. After dropping them off, he went back for more victims. He ended up transporting between 20 to 30 injured people to the hospital, possibly saving their lives.

Shane Beus, the owner of B5 Motors in Arizona, was so moved by Winston’s story he gave him a free truck as a thank you for all he did that night to help others. Winston traveled to Phoenix to meet Beus who have him the keys to a $20,0000, 2013 Ford F-150, loaded with features and customized wheels and tires.  Incredible!

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