Daycare Dispute Turns Into Parking Lot Battle

A mother took her car and angrily rammed it into another mother at a daycare, all while their children were still inside the cars.

By DAVID on June 14, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

When you’re a mom, you try to set good examples for your children. You’re pleasant to strangers, stern when you need to be. You teach your little ones manners and charm, how to be polite. Not these moms. These moms taught their kids that it’s ok to ram your car into another one out of anger. With their kids in the cars.

Two kids that attend the daycare apparently had some sort of disagreement the day before. The mother of one of the kids wanted to meet with the other kid’s mom before dropping her daughter off the next day. The other mother, Marya, allegedly tried to enter the woman’s car. She tried to open the back door on the passenger side, presumably where her daughter was sitting. The door was locked, so that’s when, according to the woman, Marya “ripped off her rear windshield wiper and started using it to scratch the victim’s vehicle.” My, that escalated quickly.

After scratching the car, Marya then got back into her own car. Whew, situation over, right? Nope – Marya then drove her car into the woman’s car. The woman’s daughter was still in the car, and according to the police report, Marya’s daughter was also in her car. This is all while Marya was ramming her car into the woman’s SUV. Nobody was hurt, thankfully, but we’re sure it was scary for the children. Marya was arrested and charged with “Malicious Wounding (2x), Child Abuse/Neglect, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor and Intentional Damage.” See more on the story here.

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