A Daily Regimen of Ibuprofen Could Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists say Ibuprofen could prevent Alzheimer’s!

By Felicia Czochanski on March 28, 2018
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Scientists say Ibuprofen could prevent Alzheimer’s!

In another big medical breakthrough, researchers say recent findings are promising that at-risk patients could be able to avoid dementia by taking a low-dose of Ibuprofen regularly starting in middle age. While researchers aren’t clarifying what exactly “low-dose” is, they believe if you take between one and two pills a day starting in middle age and for the rest of your life, you could help ward off the disease.

According to the Daily Mail, the inexpensive over the counter pain killer is believed to dampen inflammation in the brain, which leads to the death of nerve cells and is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Wow! You could prevent Alzheimer’s for under $40 a year! Incredible!

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