Crib Stops Bullet, Saves Baby

A stray bullet entered a woman’s home, and nearly struck her sleeping baby, but that bullet was stopped by the crib after entering her home.

By DAVID on May 9, 2018
(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

This is a cool story, in a not that it happened but that it wasn’t worse sort of way. A crib stopped a stray bullet, and saved a baby’s life. Very odd, but a happy ending.

A woman was home watching some TV when she heard a loud noise. Unsure what it was, she wandered around her house. She checked the kitchen, outside, everywhere she could think of. She couldn’t find anything that might have caused the noise. The next day, she found a little piece of wood scrap on the floor of her baby’s room. She checked around and noticed one of the bars on the crib was a little damaged. Thinking it was just the baby teething, she assumed it was just chewed on, or even just kicked the side.

Upon further and closer inspection, and after moving the crib around, she found something on the floor. That thing was actually part of a bullet. She later discovered that, after looking into it further, it came through the wall in her house. After really checking things some more, she figured out that the bullet came in the front wall of her house, went through the high-ceilinged living room. From there, it entered the wall of the baby’s room. The bullet went through both sides, and got stopped by the crib, right where the baby was sleeping.

After letting the police know about the situation, they actually had a suspect immediately. Turns out that earlier the day before, there was a guy firing his gun about a half mile away. He was drunk, and had fired somewhere around 30 shots, randomly, into the air. Nice going there, guy… Check out some more details on that story here. What a lucky way to end a potentially devastating nightmare.

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