Couple Tormented By Cowbells Suing Their Dairy Farmer Neighbor

A couple living in the countryside are suing their neighbor over the sound of the cowbells she has around her cow’s necks, and it’s not the first time, either.

By DAVID on December 3, 2018
(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Every neighborhood has that one neighbor. You know the one, they’re always making some kind of noise, they let their yard go. This couple has a neighbor like that, only they live in basically the middle of nowhere next to a farm.

The tormented couple bought their home back in 2011. It’s a nice house on a lot of land out in the country. The neighboring property was at the time large and empty – it was an absolute delight to live there. Until about 2014 when a new neighbor moved into that property. She is a dairy farmer, and she brought her cows with her to graze on the land. The cows wear a cowbell around their necks as well, which helps to find them if they get out. Follow the noise, day or night, and you can find the cow.

The married couple is suing that new neighbor after years of listening to the cowbells, day and night. The city is also cited in the lawsuit for allowing the woman to have her cows on that field. The couple says that they’re suffering from lack of sleep and even depression as a result of the cowbells. There’s also an awful stench of manure and a large number of bugs flying around.

What sort of things do you have to deal with in your neighborhood? Is your neighbor running a chopshop out of his backyard? Is there a fire station near by with sirens day and night? Do your neighbors argue with the window open? Have you had enough cowbell? If you need more cowbell, click here for the story.

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