Win $50 To Get A Taste Of Downtown!

Get a taste of downtown when you score $50 to a local restaurant!

Mas Taco Bar, Iron Horse Tavern, Cafeteria 15L, Ma Jongs Asian Diner, and Public House Downtown are all officially open for business! To celebrate, we’re sending you to one of these restaurants for dinner.

To win $50 to Mas Taco Bar, listen live on 5/26 at 12pm, 5/27 at 2pm, and 5/28 at 5p.

To win $50 to Iron Horse Tavern, listen live on 5/25 at 12pm, 5/26 at 2pm, 5/27 at 5pm, and 5/29 at 8am.

To win $50 to Cafeteria 15L, listen live on 5/25 at 2pm, 5/26 at 5pm, 5/28 at 8am, and 5/29 at 12pm.

To win $50 to Ma Jong Asian Diner, listen live on 5/25 at 5pm, 5/27 at 8am, 5/28 at 12pm, and 5/29 at 2pm.

To win $50 to Public House Downtown, listen live on 5/26 at 8am, 5/27 at 12pm, 5/28 at 2pm, and 5/29 at 5pm. 

Tune in Monday at Noon, 2pm, and 5pm, and Tuesday-Friday at 8am, Noon, 2pm, and 5pm to listen for the code word to win! 
Once you have the code, text it to 96961 to be entered. You may receive a confirming text. Message and data rates may apply.

Can’t text? You can also enter by clicking here. When entering online use short code 96961 and enter the keyword that was announced.

For a complete list of rules, click HERE.



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