Colorado Woman Blows Up Bottle Of Urine In 7-Eleven In Bizarre Incident

A Colorado woman named Angelique Sanchez made quite the scene at a 7-Eleven after she accidentally blew up a bottle of urine she microwaved inside the store.

By Motherly on May 8, 2018
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(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

A Colorado woman will be heading to court after causing a bizarre incident in a 7-Eleven.

According to Fox News, 26-year-old Angelique Sanchez was using a microwave in the store when there was a loud bang.

The store clerk then told Sanchez to clean up the mess or she would call the police. Sanchez the wiped the inside of the microwave onto the floor with some napkins before leaving.

However, the 7-Eleven clerk noticed the microwave was still dripping yellow liquid and it smelled like urine. She called the police, who found Sanchez at a nearby health clinic waiting to undergo urinalysis and a physical exam for a new job.

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Surprisingly, Sanchez didn’t know why the police cared. As she explained, she had “cleaned up the mess and did not understand the problem.” The police officer investigating the incident described his response in his police report, saying:

“When I reminded her that urine blew up where people prepare their food, she told me it was not real urine.”

Angelique Sanchez was then fined $500 and was issued a summons for damaged property. She was also unable to take her drug test that day.

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