Coca Cola Might Be Developing Marijuana-Infused Beverages

Coca Cola might be in talks to develop their own marijuana-infused beverages.

By on September 17, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

New reports have come out that seem to point towards Coca Cola looking into producing their own marijuana-infused drinks. The company has shown greater interest, as the market for marijuana-infused drinks continues to rise.

According to the Daily Mail, Coca Cola has reportedly been in talks with Canada’s Aurora Cannabis Inc. to produce their own drinks. This business move may be related to the reported dip in sales for the major drink company’s sodas. Coke has attempted to overcome this hurdle by developing newer, health-based drinks.

Daily Mail reports that the marijuana industry has attracted greater interest from major corporations, after recent decisions to legalize recreational use in Canada and several U.S. States. Although still illegal under U.S. federal law, both Coke and Aurora have expressed interest in developing a marijuana-infused beverage. These drinks would primarily help ease inflammatory pain and cramping, experts predict.

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If the two companies do, in fact, develop a cannabis-based drink, the partnership would mark the first entry of a major corporation into the market of non-alcoholic, marijuana-infused drinks.

What are your thoughts on a Coca Cola drink infused with marijuana? To read more about the possible deal and future Coke drink, click here.

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