CHP Set Up A List Of Cars Towed From The Camp Fire

The CHP has released a list of the cars that have been towed from the Camp Fire, whether it was in the roadway blocking traffic, or left abandoned somewhere.

By DAVID on November 14, 2018
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

If you or someone you know had to leave their car behind in the fire, make sure they’re aware of this list. It’s a work in progress, as there are probably hundreds of more cars that had to be abandoned. The CHP has made this list to help people find their car and check on the status of it.

The list shows what car was towed, the plate number, and the location where it was picked up. The list does not tell if the car was fire damaged or not, unfortunately. But the list does say which tow yard/company has the car, and lists a contact number for the company. So if you need to check on your or someone you know’s car, this is a good starting place. Here’s the list as it sits right now on CHP’s site.

If you’re thinking “well why did people leave their cars on the road?” Well, a lot of reasons. While evacuating during the fire, some people panicked, and perhaps got into an accident on their way out. Maybe someone ran into them because they were looking out the side windows at the fire or at their phone for updates. Trees may have fallen across some roads, and also in some cases traffic was just so bad the fire came quickly and people got out and ran. Here’s a little more information.

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