Child Care Center Performed Fake Sex Change Surgeries On Children

Some caregivers at a preschool in Alaska were accused of performing fake sex reassignment surgeries on students, among other forms of punishment.

By DAVID on September 17, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

A child care facility in Alaska is accused of performing fake sex reassignment surgeries on toddlers and children “as punishment.” A couple caregivers from that school are the accused, and officials are also investigating claims that they were hitting students too. These are preschool-aged children, mind you.

In addition to the sex change “surgeries,” the caregivers tried to scare students in other ways. They did things like pretend to cut children’s hair. They also forced boys to carry, eat with, and sleep with, baby dolls. This was done as various forms of punishments, according to the report. With the fake surgeries, children were placed on their backs on the caregiver’s desk. Then, their mouth was taped shut (which is already crossing a very bold line). After that, a stapler was used “like a pretend cutting tool to change the child into the opposite sex.” In no way does any of that sound even mildly reasonable as a punishment. Or as something a human should do to a toddler.

It’s not clear where the complaints came from, but that particular school wound up getting investigated a little more closely, obviously. Investigators found that two of the school’s caregivers were the ones doing the harm. Once the manager of the school was notified, she fired those caregivers immediately. Here’s the kicker though, their actions aren’t considered abuse or neglect. There will be no criminal charges against those caregivers, but they won’t be allowed to work in child care in Alaska ever again. There’s a lot more information about the case over here.

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