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Cashier Donates Kidney To Regular Customer’s Wife

A cashier noticed that one of her regular customers was having a bit of an off day, and what was a simple concern turned into a kidney donation and lifelong friendship.

Have you ever noticed something just “off” about someone you know? This cashier at a grocery store noticed that one of her regular guests was having an “off” day, and asked what was going on.

The grocery store where Leilani Aguirre works has a very small-town atmosphere. Eddie Drummond visits every morning on his way to work to pick up breakfast. Eddie greets them all with a smile and knows everyone by name. He’s normally a very happy, enthusiastic person, but one morning was feeling a bit off. Leilani was concerned, and decided she would go ahead and ask him what was going on. “I said my wife wasn’t doing good on dialysis and she needed a kidney transplant,” Eddie says.

“I told him I’ll give her mine,” Leilani responded. She learned that Eddie’s wife, Donnie, was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2015. Donnie had gone through dialysis, but it took a turn. She went to the doctor recently after having some trouble breathing. It was discovered that she had some fluid in her heart, and actually got to the doctor just in time. “Doctor said I got there just in time because I had a lot of fluid on my heart… I could have died in my sleep,” Donnie said.

Leilani didn’t delay at all before offering her own kidney to Donnie. She and Eddie teamed up to surprise Donnie together, so Leilana went to visit Eddie and Donnie’s home. “She said, ‘Is Eddie here?’ I said, ‘Who?’ She said ‘Eddie’. I said, ‘Baby, what do you want with my husband?'” Donnie recalled. Leilana was tested to check for a match, and it was a total match! “I asked for a miracle blessing, and (God) sent it to me because He’s not done with me on this earth,” Donnie said. Check out more information on the story here.


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