Can You Tell The Difference Between High-Fashion And High-Discount Shoes? These Bloggers Couldn’t!

A discount shoe-store opened a fake luxury shoe store, and actually tricked social media influencers and bloggers into thinking they were a super-luxury brand.

Payless Shoe Store, long known as a discount shoe chain, invited a group of trend setting bloggers, fashionistas, and instagram stars to an imaginary opening of a new boutique in Los Angeles called “Palessi.” The store was stocked with their regular merchandise, marked up HUNDREDS of dollars to $400-500 per pair. And as cameras moved through the store, the bloggers all raved over the quality and the style – and snatched up the “designer” shoes, not batting an eye at the price at all.

That was, until the end, when Payless officials told them they’d be duped. (And they actually gave them their money back.)

I guess it just shows; beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you really MIGHT not be able to tell the difference between high end shoes after all!

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