California To Begin Reopening Stores On Friday!

By Marilyn Nelson on May 4, 2020
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

At his COVID-19 press conference Monday afternoon, Governor Gavin Newsom said California is moving into phase two of its reopening plan by the end of the week.

Phase two includes retail, manufacturing and other “low-risk” businesses. New guidelines will be released on Thursday. Business can start to reopen on Friday if they can comply with physical distancing measures. 

The Governor tweeted what this may look like.

“What DOES this include? Places like: – clothing stores – florists – bookstores – sporting goods stores All with curbside pick-up.

What does this NOT include at this time? Places like: – Offices (can continue telework) – Restaurants (seated dining) – Shopping Malls”

The are six requirements the state must meet to begin the reopening process. All six requirements are on schedule:

  • Stability of Hospitalizations
  • Personal Protective Equipment Inventory
  • Health Care Surge Capacity
  • Testing Capacity
  • Contact Tracing Compatibility
  • Public Health Guidance In Place

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