California is One of the Best States to Win Mega Millions

By djsheryl on January 11, 2023
(Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY / AFP) (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)

Mega Millions now has the second largest jackpot in its history. Friday’s drawing will be worth at least $1.35 billion. That’s a lot of money and you’ll be able to keep more of it if you win in California. That’s because California does not tax lottery jackpots. The Federal government will take their share, no matter where you live, but there are 8 states that don’t take a share, allowing you to keep the most money.

Here are the 8 states:

New Hampshire
South Dakota

If you live in any of these states, you will take home the maximum payout. That means either $446,014,045 as a cash lump sum or a 30-year annuity totaling $851,611,350.

Also good to know…. If you buy a winning ticket outside your state or district, you will be subjected to state taxes for the state in which the ticket is purchased. So, if you’ve got a road trip coming up, make sure you buy your ticket here, before you travel. Good luck!

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