Cal Expo Monorail Shorts Out, Starts Fire At State Fair [VIDEO]

The monorail was empty at the time and nobody at all was injured, however people were under the track when sparks began falling.

By DAVID on July 23, 2018
(Photo by Joerg Koch/Getty Images)

It was small, but still, any fire is a bad fire (unless there’s food on top of it, then it’s a great fire). It happened Saturday morning/early afternoon. The awesome news is that nobody was injured. The ride was empty at the time since it was being tested anyway.

The fire happened on the monorail that goes around the complex. There was nobody on the ride at the time except for the driver. A fire started inside one of the cars, and there were actually some electrical sparks that came out of the car as well. The problem happened while they were testing the train. This is why tests happen – in case there’s any trouble, they can figure out what the problems are, address them, and fix them. Just so happened that there was a problem this time.

Apparently it was being tested because of a problem a maintenance worker found. Crews wanted to inspect everything to make sure the train was good to go. “They heard some noises… They wanted to take it around and take it off the track and check it out, but it just didn’t make it that far,” says Barry Schaible, who works for the company that inspects the rides. The problem happened with one of the contact points – a metal “brush.” That brush comes into contact with the rail and delivers the power from the rail to the train motor. The sparks were scary, but the fire was – well, minimal? Again, any fire is bad news, but the Sacramento Fire Department was there quickly and got everything handled.


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