Bunch Of Punks Rob Gas Station After Clerk Suffers Heart Attack [VIDEO]

A gas station convenience store clerk was trying to get some customers to pay for some snacks they were eating, had a heart attack, and was robbed.

By DAVID on September 11, 2018
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Thieves are bad enough, but these punk kids take the cake for sure. They were in a gas station when the clerk working at the time had a heart attack. Rather than call for help, they decide to steal what they can from the store, and book it out of there.

It happened Saturday in Auburn, Washington. Three people – two teens and an adult – were inside the store. One of the teens took a pepperoni stick and started eating it before handing the other teen one more. The clerk tried to charge the adult for those, but an argument started. According to the story, the clerk then tried to charge the teens for the sticks when one of them handed over $1. That’s when the clerk walked over to the teens to talk to them.

As the clerk turned around, he suffered from an apparent heart attack, and passed out on the floor. Logical thing to do would be to call an ambulance, right? Not these guys. One of the teens reaches down, and takes his dollar bill back from the man’s hand – he was still holding it. Then, they decide to leave the store. But wait – the teens came back in to steal some things while they were there. This whole time the man is lying unconscious on the floor, and these guys are stealing from the store. In the end, the teens made 3 trips back in the store from the parking lot, and made off with cigarettes and about $178.

Finally, another customer came in the store and immediately called for help, and started administering CPR. The clerk is currently in the hospital, in pretty serious condition on life support. The three people have been identified, and I hope that they’re charged to the absolute fullest extent possible.

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