Bullied Teen Has Bikers Escort Her To Her Prom

Chloe is a 16-year-old who wanted to enjoy her prom despite her classmates constantly making fun of her, so she arrived with 126 motorcycle escorts.

By DAVID on July 2, 2018
(Photo by Mario Villafuerte/Getty Images)

A 16-year-old made sure she wouldn’t get bullied at her prom by having some bikers escort her to the celebration. Not just 2 or 3 of them, mind you, but 126 bikers on their motorcycles.

Chloe has been bullied pretty aggressively since she was about 7 years old. Not just the typical name-calling or making fun of her though. People were actually stepping-up to actually throwing things at her. Chloe’s uncle Grant actually runs the bully support group “Bikes Against Bullies.” He made some calls and got a couple volunteers together to escort Chloe to her prom. 126 bikers surrounded the car she was riding in, and then they all walked her up to the school once she arrived.

Chloe says “I was really nervous about going to the prom and the reaction I’d get… It was a big shock when we heard the engines and all the bikers turned up – I wasn’t expecting that many but it made me feel supported and confident.” It was quite a scene at the school too, when families of her peers who were there started applauding at the arrival. Chloe now actually works with the group, doing their social media and event photography as well. Very cool! Check out some more on Chloe’s story here.

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