Bomb Cyclone In East Coast Causes Beach To Freeze [VIDEO]

Footage of the frozen beach due to a bomb cyclone in Massachusetts went viral yesterday. You can see how far the ice stretches out in a cool drone video.

By Admin on January 8, 2018
bomb cyclone
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A video of the frozen ocean on a Cape Cod beach due to a bomb cyclone went viral yesterday, Jan. 7.

Ryan Canty, the man filming, narrates:

“It’s about 20 below. It looks like Antarctica.”

A Reddit poster also mentioned that this is the third time that his grandma has seen the ocean freeze over like this in her 80 years of living in Cape Cod, reports KSL.

Watch the video below.

Canty also posted another cool video of Old Silver Beach using a drone. It shows just how far the ice reaches out from the shore, and it seems like it goes out forever.

Maybe the rain we’re getting here in the West Coast isn’t so bad after all!

See the footage below.

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