Bill Cosby’s Former Lawyer Suing Him For Unpaid Bills

A law firm that was formerly representing Bill Cosby on his sexual assault trial is suing him for money he still owes from its services.

By Admin on September 5, 2018
bill cosby
(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Looks like Bill Cosby owes some money to a law firm that represented him in his second sexual assault trial.

According to TMZ, the fallen TV star still owes $50,000 to Schnader Harrison Segal and Lewis. One of the firm’s partners, Samuel Silver, reportedly helped Cosby set up for his second trial earlier this year. However, the attorney backed out before the trial in April. Silver has worked with Cosby on previous cases, as well. The cost in the lawsuit also includes that work.

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Cosby’s attorney, Joe P. Green, told TMZ that the claim came from “disagreement over the amount of legal fees charged. Mr. Cosby’s team offered to submit that dispute to mediation, but Mr. Silver’s firm decided to file suit. We still hope to resolve the claim fairly.”

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