Beware Of Netflix Phishing Scam

Here’s what to watch for!

By Doug Lazy on November 7, 2017
(Photo credit should read STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP/Getty Images)

If you get an email from Netflix asking you to take action in order to keep your account from being suspended, you may want to just delete it.

A new phishing scam is a fake email that tells you your account is about to be suspended. The email notification looks very similar to the design and format to other Netflix emails and asks you to update your information in order to keep your account from being suspended. As with many phishing scams they’re trying to steal your personal and credit card information. The email contains a link to a fake Netflix website where users are required to enter log-in information and a credit card number.

Another important note. When you get the email, the email’s recipient appears as “no sender,” plus your name appears at the top of the email as #name#. If you receive thsi email, you’re being advised not to fill out any information and just delete the email.  

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