BEWARE: Gas Pump Scam Popping Up In Roseville

SCAM ALERT: Thieves are switching hoses in new gas pump swindle

By Marilyn Nelson on May 1, 2019
(Photo Illustration by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

From siphoning to credit card skimmers, thieves are banking on you not paying attention while you’re pumping gas…and you’ll end up paying for theirs instead.

We already have enough to worry about with our crazy gas prices whenever we fill up.  Now, Roseville PD is sounding the alarm for a different type of scam popping up at Roseville gas stations. 

According to CBS Sacramento, you need to double check that the nozzle you’re using is actually attached to the pump your paying for, because thieves are pulling the old switcheroo. Here’s how it works. 

“…someone pulls into a gas station and switches the nozzle from their side to the other. They then wait for an unsuspecting victim to drive up on the other side and pay for gas. The scammer then fills up as the other driver unwittingly thinks their car is being filled up.”

Roseville police say they recently arrested a man in connection with this sort of trickery. So the next time you’re at the pump take a second to make sure the hose that you’re using is actually the one attached to your pump. 

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