Beware Of Card Skimmer At Gas Stations While Traveling For The Holiday

It’s a HUGE problem right now!

By Marilyn Nelson on July 5, 2018
(Photo Illustration by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

With traveling at an all time high during the 4th of July holiday week, it’s a perfect opportunity for criminals to strike.

The U.S. Secret Service is reminding everyone to be extra careful at the gas pump. Thieves are targeting gas stations with card skimmers. The small unobtrusive devices copy you credit card info, then allow criminals to make copies to buy whatever they want with your money.

Last week the Secret Service recovered card skimmers at 85 gas stations in 21 states, according to CBS News.

Here’s what you can do to avoid falling victim to the scam.

  1. Pay with your card inside the station instead of at the pump
  2. Pay with cash

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