Betty White Is Returning To TV In New PBS Special

A new television special about Betty White will premiere this August, that will cover the life and professional career of White of the last 80 years.

By NathanG on August 1, 2018
(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

Even after turning 96 this year, Betty White and her career in show business show no sign of slowing down. White, who is perhaps best know for her roles in “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “The Golden Girls”, is celebrating her 80th anniversary of her acting career this year. To mark this amazing career accomplishment, a new PBS special is being produced that will feature White and take a look at the actress’s illustrious career. “Betty White: First Lady of Television” will premiere on August 21 on PBS.

According to Yahoo News, the special will showcase Betty White at work, visit her in her home, and capture her interactions and conversations with her friends. Some friends and past co-stars will also be making guest appearances and sharing personal insights on White for the special. Guests will include Georgia Engel, Gavin MacLeod, and Mary Tyler Moore, whose appearance in this special was her last interview before she passed away last year.

In an interview with Yahoo News, MacLeod recalled Betty White’s acting charisma and ability, saying: “Thursday we’d get a new script and shoot it on Friday night. She could put that thing down and go up and do it. She was the quickest study I worked with in my career.” Georgia Engel also shared personal memories of her and White’s friendship. She recalled their mutual love for animals, and how, when the two women had visited a bear, White showed Engel how to give the bear a marshmallow using only her teeth. In this television special, White’s friends praised her strong, positive attitude, despite the ups and downs of show business throughout her career.

For more information on the special and other insights Betty White’s friends had to say, click here.

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