Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Boyfriend Dead From Suspected Overdose

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By Marilyn Nelson on August 10, 2018
(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for SodaStream/Skinnygirl)

Real Housewife of New York and Skinnygirl founder, Bethenny Frankel’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Dennis Shields, was discovered dead this morning.

According to TMZ

“Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they got a call just after 9 AM for an unresponsive male. Upon arriving at Shields’ Trump Tower apartment, they learned his assistant had administered Narcan but was unsuccessful in reviving him.”

Sources say they think Shields, a New York banker, may have OD’d on oxycodone – but an autopsy is pending.

Frankel and Shields are longtime friends, but only start dating in 2016. The relationship had many splits and makeups. In May she told People the relationship was complicated.

“I’ve been with someone on and off for years,” she said. “It’s like a partnership where if we’re not being teammates and it’s not working and one man is down, then the other man is down. We’re trying to really kind of be good partners and be good teammates and I think relationships oddly are — and this sounds cold — but a little bit like business. If both people aren’t happy about it but slightly uncomfortable and giving up something or giving in [to] something, it doesn’t work. So both partners have to say, ‘All right, I’m in it for this.’ ”

Story is still developing

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