Beating Up Your Kids’ Stuffed Animal? Disturbing Parenting Trend | Amanda & Darik

By Admin on June 27, 2019

When we were kids we had to sit at the table until our plate was clean. That was a tame parenting tactic compared to this dad’s idea. 

A viral video has sparked a new parenting trend where adults abuse a child’s beloved stuffed animal in order to get them to eat dinner.

 Fatherly posted this video, which has over 16.2 million views, where Twitter user @rudyhernandez is seen trying to feed a toddler, who refuses.

Amanda & Darik are warning you this is disturbing.

He then tries to feed the Mickey Mouse toy and when the toy also “refuses”, he punches Mickey repeatedly. The toddler is clearly stunned, then takes his food with no hesitation. As a followup, 35-year-old father, Christopher Duett, showed that you can encourage a toddler to enjoy their food without harming their toys. In Duett’s video, he feeds his child’s stuffed penguin who “enjoyed” the food.

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