Barista Delivers More Than Drinks – Helps Customer Deliver Baby

A Starbucks employee sprang into action when someone started having a baby right there in the parking lot.

By DAVID on July 11, 2018
(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

A Starbucks employee received a good review, not for her barista-ing skills, but for helping a woman deliver her baby in the parking lot. All this talk about plastic straws and sippy cup lids, and we forget that babies still have to be born.

Rashelle Rehms works at a 24-hour Starbucks location in Tacoma, Washington. She was tidying up around 1am when she heard a knock on the window. Turning to look, she saw a man with a slight panic on his face. Rashelle says the man said that his wife was on the ground, and she was about to have a bay. Rashelle took no time to react. She grabbed some towels and made it outside to help the woman. The woman, by the way, was ready to go.

She said she needed her pants off, so I took those off for her and I noticed the baby was crowning… So I asked her to lift her hips so I could put the towels underneath her hips, and as soon as she lifted her hips, the baby came right out.

Rashelle says she is a mother of two herself, and she went into “mom mode.” She says she wasn’t afraid or anything like that, she just jumped into action and got things done. The mother and baby were taken to a hospital after paramedics arrived, and they’re doing fine. Rashelle even visited them later in the hospital. Rashelle did break company policy when she left the store, but Starbucks let this one slide. See some more info here, including video from the scene.

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