If Your Avocados Go Bad Too Quickly, Worry No More

There’s a new “coating” that can be applied to avocados to keep them fresh nearly twice as long as normal, and it’s made from plants.

By on June 20, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Good news, avocado lovers! Through the miracle of science, we figured out how to make avocados last almost twice as long as normal, which means, well, you get get a few extra minutes (lol). It involves an edible coating, and a whole lot of experimentation. The process was developed in Santa Barbara at a place called Apeel Sciences.

It’s an edible “barrier” that is made from other plant products, so it’s not quite like a wax or other similar “coatings.” It has no taste, and does two things really well. One of those things is that it prevents water from escaping the fruit as quickly. This keeps moisture in, which helps the avocado last longer. The other thing it does well is prevent oxygen from entering the fruit. That will help keep the fruit from oxidizing, and turning that gross brown-splotchy color.

The idea behind the coating development is so that fruits can last longer, thus reducing the amount of waste. It will also likely mean there will be more to go around, which would cause the price to drop, in theory. The coating can also be modified to work on other fruits, including strawberries and bananas. But don’t forget about vegetables too, they say it can work on asparagus, and likely some others. If you’re looking for the coated avocado, check out Costco, apparently they’re available there this week. Check out more info here.

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