Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Break Off Engagement

By NathanG on October 15, 2018

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have reportedly called off their engagement, and are no longer in a relationship. This news comes after the couple originally announced their engagement four months ago.

According to Time, the couple apparently decided to break off the relationship over the weekend. Sources cite that both Grande and Davidson mutually decided to end the engagement and relationship, and that their were no hard feelings between the two stars. A source for Grande was quoted saying: “It was just way too much too soon, it’s not shocking to anyone.”

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The past several weeks have proved tumultuous for Grande. The singer recently dealt with the loss of former boyfriend, Mac Miller, who died from an apparent drug overdose last month. Faced with coming to terms with this loss, and an exhaustive social media response directed at Grande, she decided to take a break from the spotlight.

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