Apparently There’s A ‘Correct’ Time To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner

A blogger has come up with the best time to have Thanksgiving dinner, and truly, it makes a little sense.

By DAVID on November 21, 2018
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

What time does your family dive into Thanksgiving dinner? Apparently there’s a “correct” time, according to one blogger. That time is 4pm, and we’ll explain the thought behind it below.

It’s Thursday morning, on a holiday. You want to sleep in a little bit. Or, you’re going to one of the many morning marathon events. Either way, that stuff takes some time away from the day. So let’s say you finally roll out of bed around 8am. Maybe you’re running or walking in the morning, and you get home around 9 or even 10. Now you’ve got to start preparing the bird, along with the rest of the feast. That takes even more time away from the day, of course.

The blogger says that, on average, it’ll take about 4 hours to cook the bird and get it ready for dinner. Don’t forget about the prep, and the rest of everything that you have to get ready for the show. So now, we’re looking at at least 5 hours of work before dinner can start. If you’re home and start getting the turkey ready at 10 or 11am, well, now it’s closer to 3pm at best before the bird is cooked.

What if it’s a late dinner? Well, a lot of us have guests stopping by. Perhaps a tradition we all celebrate is to watch a TV show, or even Christmas movies on TV that evening. Well, let’s say we have a 7pm dinner. Dinner will last about 90 minutes, give or take, with talking, eating, and storytelling. Now it’s 8:30, and we all want a nap because of all that food. Too late for a nap, but too early to hit the bed, right? That’s why a late dinner is a bad idea, says the blogger.

The blogger concludes that 4pm is the best time to have a Thanksgiving dinner. It leaves enough time in the morning to prepare the bird. It leaves enough time after dinner to grab a quick nap, and then wake up for more evening activities. It allows for some warmed up leftovers before bed. It’s a good, wholesome time to have a dinner. Check out more reasons over here.

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