Amy Schumer Makes Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Amy Schumer made a surprise pregnancy announcement, in a clever post urging her followers to vote in the upcoming mid-terms.

By on October 23, 2018
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for DGA)

After pregnancy rumors swirled around her earlier this summer, Amy Schumer released a surprise announcement on Monday, confirming her pregnancy.

According to ET, the comedian and actress shared the big news through a post on social media. Disguised as a post sharing her picks for the 2018 mid-terms and urging her followers to participate in voting, Schumer also hid the announcement of her pregnancy in the post. At the end of the list of candidate names, she added her own note that read: “I’m pregnant-Amy Schumer.”

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Schumer and her husband, Chris Fischer, recently tied the knot in February of this year. The ceremony was held in Malibu, California, a few months after the couple began dating in 2017.

Pregnancy rumors had surrounded Schumer back in July. In an Instagram post advertising a new clothing line, Schumer was featured seemingly cradling her belly. After the post sparked the explosion of speculation, Schumer clarified, saying: “[Costume designer] Leesa Evans and I have created a clothing line for all sizes and shapes at a chill price point. That’s what I was trying to allude to, but thank you for thinking of my womb.”

Were you surprised by Schumer’s pregnancy announcement?

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