“Amazon Key” Will Let Delivery Drivers Into Your House When Your Gone

Cool or creepy?

By Doug Lazy on October 26, 2017
LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Amazon is working on a plan to help stop porch thieves from taking your packages. The company is unveiling what it calls a safe way to allow  delivery drivers into your home, even when you’re gone. The new service launches November 8th for Prime members and is called “Amazon Key.” To use it, you have to buy a kit for $249.99 that comes with an Amazon security camera and a compatible smart lock. Then, when you order online, you click the “in-home” shipping option allowing the Amazon driver access to your home to deliver your packages. And, Amazon says you can also use it let others into your house when you’re not home. The new service will be available in Sacramento and 36 other U.S. cities to start. Last month Walmart announced a similar delivery option for groceries.

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