AG's Want FCC To Stop Robocalls!

By Admin on October 12, 2018

Are you getting tons of robocalls all of a sudden? Do they look like they are coming from Sacramento? Do you message the person back and they have no clue who you are? Yeah, me too.

The good news is, someone is working on it. A lot of someones.

KENS5 reports, “Tennessee’s attorney general has joined with 34 others AG’s across the country to call on the Federal Communications Commission to do something about it.

General Herbert H. Slatery III and his counterparts want the FCC to create new rules to allow telephone service providers to block more illegal robocalls being made to unsuspecting consumers in Tennessee and across the country.

Right now, scammers have found ways to get around a call blocking order from the FCC last year. Now, they are using a technique that spoofs the area code of the consumer.

The attorneys general want the FCC to allow service providers to use new technology to detect and block illegal spoofed calls- even those coming from what are otherwise legitimate phone numbers.”

The technology would be ready next year, and that’s not a moment too soon.

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