Adele Fans Claim She’s…Too Skinny?

By Admin on January 6, 2020

Adele Fans Claim She’s…Too Skinny?

The singer was spotted at the beach along with Harry Styles and James Corden this weekend and fans had a lot to say. Aside from the hopes of a collab between Styles and Adele, people were focusing a lot on physical appearances. While enjoying her getaway, fans flooded the comments saying that she has now lost too much weight and that they are concerned. Adele has received many backhanded compliments and comments as well as support on her weight loss journey.

Adele turned heads and had everyone’s jaw to the floor when she attended Drake’s birthday party last year showing off her post-divorce body transformation. However after the artist’s paparazzi photos appeared on the timeline this weekend, fans claimed she’s “too-skinny” now and looks unhealthy.

Regardless, Adele you look great and we’re loving the body positivity you’re giving us!

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