A New Cereal Cafe is Coming to Old Sac!

By djsheryl on September 27, 2022
Bowl Of Granola With Fruit. (Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Who says cereal is just for breakfast? Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy gourmet treats made with your favorite breakfast cereals anytime you want…at the brand new Cerealism Cafe, opening in Old Sacramento next month. They plan to “bring morning vibes to your everyday lives” by taking your favorite cereals and turning them into different foods. Cereal sushi, cereal tacos, and cereal toast will all be on the menu. Plus, you can eat your treats in 4 different theme rooms: Toucan Sam’s Froot Loop room, the Captain Crunch Island Beach Club room, the Lucky Charms room, even the Super Mario room where you can watch vintage cartoons and play board games and video games. Fun! Follow Cerealism Cafe on Instagram for a preview and the latest info!

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