90s Kids Start Freaking Out – 'Trix' Bringing Back Fruity Shapes!

By Admin on October 1, 2018

Remember when Trix cereal had those awesome fruit shaped pieces? General Mills says they are coming back!

The company said in a press release:

“After receiving thousands of social media comments, mentions and requests for the return of the iconic cereal shape, Trix is officially announcing the return of the 90s favorite – Classic Trix Fruity Shapes.”

The press release continues:

“Trix first debuted the fruity shapes in 1991, establishing its place in 90s pop culture history, especially among kids growing up in this era. In 2006, the cereal returned to its original round shape, where it has remained ever since. Trix fans have been asking for a shapes comeback for years. In just the last 18 months, the brand has seen more than 20,000 requests, with fans asking things like, ‘How many retweets to bring shapes back?’ or ‘Is there a secret stash of Trix Shapes you can send me?’ The wait is over. Classic Trix Fruity Shapes are back and here to stay.”

Look for the new boxes on shelves this fall!

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