$600 Bonus for New Lifeguards!

By djsheryl on June 14, 2022
(Photo by Wang Ying/Xinhua via Getty) (Xinhua/Wang Ying via Getty Images)

Now that the hot weather has arrived in Sacramento, do you look forward to cooling off in one of the Sacramento area public pools? You may have to be flexible as the national lifeguard shortage has affected operating hours for pools right here in the Sacramento area. The City of Sacramento is actively hiring lifeguards to help…and offering a $600 hiring bonus.
Cosumnes CSD is also hiring lifeguards and one of their representatives says that being a lifeguard can be a great first step on your career ladder. Cosumnes Community Services District spokeswoman Jenna Brinkman says “Lifeguarding is a really good step on a career pathway towards nursing, EMT-ing, paramedicine, firefighting, things like that. We try to recruit folks who are interested in those career pathways and getting started as a lifeguard is a good first step. They learn first aid, CPR, all these different leadership skills and skills for those careers.”

Interested? Find out more about lifeguard opportunities with the City of Sacramento here.

Find out more about opportunities with Cosumnes CDS here

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