5 Signs You’re Stressed Over COVID-19

The way you’re feeling is normal. Just lean into it, and go easy on yourself!

By Admin on May 20, 2020
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I have been working from home for 10 weeks and nothing is normal any more. Up is down, right is left, north is south…and don’t even get me started on how hard it has been to avoid the snack cabinet. I simply cannot.

Then there is productivity. On paper, I am killing it. But I have this constant anxiety about whether or not I am doing the right things, what am I forgetting!? After some research on the internet – I discovered that I am definitely not alone in this sensation. COVID-19-Stress is A THING!

Huffington Post writes “Our lives have been altered in unimaginable and numerous ways, which can trigger the stress hormone cortisol and lead to emotional and physical symptoms.”

Some ways these things might present themselves include:

1 – Hella Tired?

Tired even when you haven’t done that much? Well – that could be stress. Feeling tired even when you’re not physically active, and chronic fatigue can both be signs you’re depressed or anxious.

2.  Jumpy?

Do you startle easily?  It might be a sign you’re feeling tense and anxious. Humans are more likely to be jumpy when we’re on edge.

3. Crushing your goals? – or zero interest in them?

Being too productive or zoned-in on a hobby or task can be a sign of high-stress as well. I like to think of it as that task being the one thing I can control and that becoming my obsession. The danger in that comes in putting your sanity into one project. But – excessive enthusiasm and extreme productivity are coping mechanisms for some people – myself included. So, tread lightly and trust your gut. Also worth noting – having zero interest in things can also be a sign of stress.

4.  Having More Headaches? 

This could be because you’re overly tense and anxious. Dizziness, ulcers, insomnia, and stomach problems can also be linked to anxiety.

5. Forgetful?

Apparently, when your brain is overloaded with stress, it’s harder to manage simple tasks and checklists that would normally be routine. 

The way you’re feeling is normal. Just lean into it, and go easy on yourself! Though it will take a while – things will change. Be strong – We all need you!

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