5 Good Things About Music

By bonneville on November 14, 2020
Photo by Peter King/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Music isn’t just a form of entertainment. It benefits your health as well. Here are 5 psychological benefits of music:

1. It Improves Cognitive Performance

Looking to boost your mental performance? Turn on some music! Studies show that listening to music stimulates your brain and enhances productivity. Instead of listening to something with lyrics that may distract you, try something instrumental. Classical music always helps!

2. Music Aids in Expression

Ever felt like you relate to a song? You can express your emotions through music, whether it’s listening and singing along or playing an instrument. Turn the music up and sing your heart out!

3. It Improves Your Social Skills

If you notice someone has the same taste in music as you, take advantage of that! You just might make a new friend – or a whole bunch of new friends.

4. Music Reduces Stress

Research has found that listening to music can relieve stress. Turn on your favorite song and RELAX.

5. It Stimulates Memory

When we hear a familiar song, we are often able to recall a moment from our past that is connected to that tune. What song reminds you of the past?

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