Build-a-Bear Workshop
(Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images for Build-A-Bear)

Build-A-Bear Workshops Are Opening Inside Of Some Walmart Stores

Just in time for the holidays, Build-a-Bear announced they will open workshops inside of some Walmart locations. If you’ve been to a workshop, you know they can get busy. So, the toy store is piloting a new program.

Currently, there are only six Walmart locations participating. Of course, if they go well, Build-a-Bear could potentially put them all over the nation. As to be expected, a new collection has also launched in the six pilot stores called Condo Cubs. ABC 10 says the collection includes baby versions of bears, cats, dogs and rabbits that are $10.

Three of the Walmart Build-a-Bear stores are open as of today. The rest will open in the next couple of weeks. There’s even one close to Sacramento, in Stockton on Hammer Lane.

  • Oct. 16: Dallas, TX
  • Oct. 16: Stockton, CA
  • Oct. 16: Phoenix, AZ 
  • Oct. 23: Riverside, CA
  • Oct. 23: Daytona Beach, FL
  • Oct. 25: Victorville, CA

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