11 Signs Burglars Spot to Know Your Home Is Vacant

By darik on October 11, 2019
(Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)
If you know how a burglar thinks you can do a better job at stopping them. 

SWNS Digital has shared a game to see if you can notice the signs.

Here are the things you should have noticed…

  • Light left on throughout the night – lights on at strange times make it obvious no one is home
  • Door is unlocked – Garage, shed and conservatory doors should be locked regardless of where you live.
  • Valuable items seen through the window – valuable items on display can entice intruders
  • Trash – Boxes for expensive items, such as tech, in recycling areas can give a lot away
  • A key under a doormat – It’s an easy find like setting a password as 1234.
  • Having an alarm system in line of sight – This means burglars can see if it’s activated.
  • Curtains left half open – Letting people see into your home and who’s there or not?
  • Post piled up in the letterbox – This could signal an unoccupied property.
  • Ladder in the garden – building materials such as ladders can easily be used to smash or reach windows.
  • Window open – No matter how high, they are often easy to jimmy open if left unlocked or ajar.
  • No car in driveway – It’s evident somebody hasn’t come home if a thief is watching the property, or similarly if a car hasn’t been moved for some time.

Source: SWNS Digital

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