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Woman Gets Makeup Line Deal From Her Mugshot

This is hilarious to me for some reason. A woman was arrested, and her mugshot photo posted online. It generated so much feedback that she was actually offered a deal to start her own makeup line.

19-year-old Marshala decided she was bored and wanted to go out with some friends. The night turned regretful when she ended up getting arrested for marijuana possession. Tat was in February. My April, her mugshot had been going around a little bit online when a Twitter user got ahold of it. The Twitter account is called “Mugshot Baes,” and they share mugshots of “hot felons.” Anyway, her mugshot went viral because of her makeup. See the picture just below:

As you can tell, she’s good at her makeup. I mean, just look at that blending (am I using that word right?). Naturally, people began asking for makeup tutorials, and we can’t blame them. Marshala even chimed in after someone got in touch with her offering a makeup deal. “Someone has reached out to me about starting my own makeup line. It’s crazy. My mind is blown… Now it’s turned into something so positive so I’m just going to embrace it and see where it takes me,” she says.

She’s actually an aspiring makeup artist in the first place. She has a YouTube channel, and launched an Instagram page too. Check out more on the story, and find links to her tutorials over here if you’re interested.

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