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US Military ‘Space Force’ Could Begin In 2020

Remember when President Trump said he wanted us to have a ‘Space Force’ as an arm of the US Military? Apparently it’s happening.

BuzzFeed News says, “The Pentagon is laying the groundwork to create President Donald Trump’s proposed Space Force as the sixth branch of the US military as soon as 2020, Vice President Mike Pence announced Thursday, despite the well-known, longtime opposition of many of its leaders.”

The new branch of the military will cost billions of dollars.

BuzzFeed News continues, “Such a Space Force would be the first new military service branch since the creation of the Air Force in 1947 and would need approval from Congress. Pence’s speech coincided with the release of the Pentagon’s report to Congress of its recommendations on how the Defense Department’s space operations should be reorganized. The report includes the creation of the US Space Command, an independent unified combatant command that would eventually be led by a four-star general.”

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