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Study: Watching Kardashians Makes You A Worse Person

I feel like I already knew this, but now there is a study to back it up!

Maxim reports, “Watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians for as little as 60 seconds may sap your sympathy for the poor.

New research from the London School of Economics (LSE) found that exposure to “materialistic media” and shows that “glamorize fame, luxury, and wealth accumulation” may bring about anti-welfare and materialistic sentiments, according to the Telegraph UK.

Two control groups, 487 adults in total, were shown distinct media. One group was shown adverts for luxury products and photos of rich celebrities, and the other “neutral images” about public transport, natural scenery and more.

“Results showed that even a small amount of exposure to materialistic media had a negative impact on both anti-welfare attitudes and support for anti-welfare policies,” theTelegraph UK reports.

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