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Shaun White Finds A Flying Tomato Burger In Korea

Fans of Shaun White can be very dedicated. So much so, that one Korean chef created his signature burger the ‘Flying Tomato’ in honor of the snowboarder.

White was tagged with the nickname while competing at his first Olympics in 2006

White heard rumors there was a ‘Flying Tomato’ burger on the menu of a PyongChang restaurant, but there were two requirements.

1. Pay 1 million won (about $920)
2. Be Shaun White

That’s right, the burger is only for White. The description on the menu made that clear, calling it, “The best special thing, This is only for Shaun White, My wish for your gold medal.”

The chef created the burger as a fan tribute, an Olympic gimmick. However, he never expected White to actually show up and order one. Regardless of whether it was a just a silly joke, it attracted the man himself.

“Today is a very happy day,” Chef Cha Gwen, a snowboarder himself, told Reuters.

According to Reuters, White ate the burger for free with friends. It had two patties, two slices of cheese and two chicken wings.

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