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Sacramento And Surrounding Residents Urged To Stay Inside

These fires are really bad this year. The Mendocino fire burning north of Santa Rosa was just, in the past few hours, named California’s largest ever fire. The Carr fire, still burning near Redding, is the 6th most destructive fire in the state’s history.

Health officials and The Sacramento Air Quality Management District have given a pretty serious advisory. They’re saying that we should basically avoid being outside until at least Friday. This is, of course, due to the fires burning to the north and west of us. The smoke from those fires is slowly blowing this way and settling down in the valley. It’s pretty obvious, if you were to walk outside it’s clearly hazy, and almost looks like a foggy bay-area sort of day. Nevermind even mentioning the smell.

They’re saying that even if you’re healthy, not sensitive to smoke, and in great shape; everyone should avoid being outside. Especially if you’re a child, elderly, or have breathing and/or respiratory issues already. Today, Tuesday the 7th, is also the 15th official “Spare the Air” day of the year, which means limiting vehicle traffic as well. See some more information over here.

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