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Pumpkin Spice Latte Season May Start WAY Early This Year!

We are hearing whispers that Pumpkin Spice Latte ingredients have begun arriving at Starbucks locations around the country. Is it possible that PSL is coming our way early this year?

Thrillist reports, “In an effort to drum up even more love for the sweet and slightly spicy seasonal beverage, Starbucks actually launched a private Facebook group in late July called the Leaf Rakers Society, where fans of fall (and presumably PSLs) could chat, and in recent days, conversation has shifted to discussions about when exactly the PSLs will be coming back. In the comments, a couple of Starbucks employees hinted that it’ll be available by August 28.

Other Starbucks employees have taken to Reddit to corroborate such claims by posting photos of large vats of PSL “sauce” that have already arrived in stores. However, baristas aren’t allowed to start making the drinks for customers until the official launch date.”

I am SO ready for this summer to be over! Bring on PSL’s and holiday vibes!

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